In continuation from the previous article, we’ll have a walkthrough of the plugin development but first thing first, what is an RFID connector?

RFID or Radiofrequency identification is a method for tracking goods by means of tags that transmit a radio signal. You might have seen these grey tags in inventories which can help to keep track of Logistics & Supply Chain visibility, these are also very common in Race time tracking.

So there is a chip which is called RFID & an RFID reader which is a network-connected device (fixed or mobile) with an antenna that sends power as…

Cross-platform is a type of software that has the ability to run on multiple computing platforms i.e., Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. The apps built on this framework do not require separate coding for each platform, rather coding once will create the foundation for the app to run as efficiently on all platforms. It has become one of the most popular methods in the app development domain today, which almost all the top mobile app development companies swear upon!

Many frameworks like Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Phonegap are really popular in the market.

Now, the code for this framework mostly…

Continuing from last part, Let's talk about the solutions to distributed coordination on the microservices level in this third & final blog for the series.

Hazelcast distributed executor service [IExecutorService]:

hazelcast-docker-swarm-discovery-spi [1.0-RC14–20210205] with hazelcast [3.10-BETA-2]
Works for distribution, but not for mutual exclusion of task.

Hazelcast Global Map [IMAP] for keeping track of all the work done, so that no repetition takes place.

Hazelcast LeaderInitiator
spring-integration-hazelcast hazelcast-spring
LeaderInitiator will elect a leader from all the members of hazelcast & save the information in leaderInitiator context.

All task distribution processing/reprocessing can be picked by the leader & distributed across all the…

Continuing from part 1, In this part, I’m focusing on the actual requirement that drives into injecting the distributed coordination paradigm.

Objective: Distributing Redission expiry notification listeners ( which lives inside a java process ).

Redisson constitutes an in-memory data grid that offers distributed Java objects and services backed by Redis. Its distributed in-memory data model allows sharing of domain objects and services across applications and servers.

*Redission notifications are a key component of the alerts sent by Redis for on the data it retains such as insertion, update, delete. You are allowed to add a TTL to the entries…

So, in this part one of the blog I’m objectively defining what is this all about, later in upcoming articles maybe I will elaborate deeply on the exact requirement where the solution plays saviour.

As we all know the usefulness of microservices is that if a certain functionality becomes a bottleneck in terms of processing then instantaneously multiple instances of the microservice that wraps the functionality can be brought up.

The multiple instances can instantaneously start coping up with all the incoming request as the load balancer acts as a task coordinator here.

Load Balancer takes the information of the…

साथ | Saath | ਸਾਥ
भाषाएँ इस्तेमाल की गईं: हिंदी / पंजाबी

कितनी करू तेरी तारीफ, समझ नहीं आता।
बुरे वक्त मै था साथ तू , ग्रू...
ज़रूरत है मुझे तेरी आज भी, पर ये तू समझ नहीं पाता।

दस सला दी, इक पल विच तौड़ गया,
प्यार प्यार केह कर, दोस्ती दा भी मुंह मोड़ गया।

हाँ था, बहुत बुरे वक्त में तू मेरे साथ,
पर सुन ले ग्रू, तब साथ निभाने को भी बहुत थे।
तू भी छोड़ गया उस वक्त, जब मेरे खास अपने मुझे छोड़ गए!

ये ना सोच की हमारा साथ कितना लम्बा…

Be conscious about all ur decision, be informed!
Strive to be right, strive to be strong;
Be logical, be emotional, be balanced.
The world would love that!
And with fate; do not quarrel, don’t make yourself feel bad;

Make the best of the resources, best of the opportunities, do all the fun!
Don’t leave anyone behind when it’s time to be the one!

Keep ur mind free of regrets, your soul free of sorrow;
Don’t grief on anything, believe me, it won’t matter tomorrow!

Keep feeding your tummy, keep feeding your brain. …

How to to rip off everything in world?

There is actually only one way, which Buddha took! The Buddha; till the time he was trapped in the blissful state, trapped in the materialistic world with the bond of ownership! One he saw the four sights of pity of human life, the pain, the truth! He was able to break all the bondings with this world. Actually there is no physical strings attached in case of humans. All the relationship that we form is only in owr mind, with morden discovery certain things can be verified but no one can be a 💯 % sure! And only exists in…

What has happened to life, why has it become so fragile?

What has happened to love what has it become such a plight?

What has happened to happiness why is misery always in the game ?

What has happened to affection why is jelousy winning the race ?

What I’ve observed over years has not changed is my mother’s love

Who carries the same feeling till day, From the day I was born…

Why can’t that feeling come in our lives?

Why can we be the mother’s to each other, which makes mankind a beautiful sight!


When you are into something just take a moment out, think & jot it down, that's the poetry of life worth telling!

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